Co-curricular Activities :-
S.P.S. stresses not only cognitive aspects but also other aspects of the personality which are equally significant for all round development of child. To generate a spirit of health competiton, co-curricular activities are regular part of school curriculum.These activities are ;-

School Library

The school library promotes reading habits and inculcates the discipline of self-study amongst students. Collection of books and CD's in school range from.

Stories poems,adventure stories, encyclopedias,autobiography of great personalities, text books, reference bookc-history, science, geography, mathematics, language, art & craft, games & sports etc.

Class reading corner do encourage the habit of reading in another attempt. Every class given library perid per week and books are issued to students for period of 10 days.

Library Activities :-

English / Hindi recitation , Writing, Shlok recitation in Sanskrit, Public Speaking,Quiz competition and Powerpoint presentation on topic.

Creative Activities :-

Art and Painting, Craft, Flower making, Clay modeling, and Cooking without fire.

Cultural Activities :-

Solo / Group Song, Dance, Bhajan, Celebrations, Debate, Community Project, Dramatics etc.

Physical Health and Sports :-

To develop team spirit : presence of mind, quick decision and agility sports and games are compulsion in S.P.S. students take part least in two activity :-

Clubs :-

S.P.S. believe on learning by doing. The students do undertake various activities which help in having a harmonious development of their personality. So different clubs are formed.

Literally Club :-

Undertake activities to develop the writing skill creativity in English and Hindi by conducting recitation, declamation, public speaking, drama, play etc.

Math Club :-

Enhance the problem solving ability of students in a funway by conducting various activity.

Eco Club :-

To develop the habits of observation and awareness of what they see around them and conclude through reasoning.

Quiz Club :-

Conduct Quiz on various topics to develop inquisitiveness among students.

Art & Craf Club :-

Inspires students to express themselves through colors, paints and brush.

Health & Wellness Club :-

Inspires the students to keep them fit physically and mentally both.

Budding Club :-

Inspires and encourage the children of nursery and KG to solve the problem of shyness. Hesitation loneliness and to make them familiar with each other.

Education Tours and Excursions:-

“Learning beyond school classroom” is the hallmark of the school system. So to achieve this, educational tours, picnics are organized to promote the understanding of cultural and historical heritage of the country.

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