Rules & Regulations

Expectation from S.P.S. Students and Their Duties

The vision of S.P.S is to make its students smart, confidence, cultured, disciplined and well spoken individual who imbibe values of life too. The school expects the students to follow the following norms in the interest of their own.

Assemble and movement

1. It is compulsory for all students to attend the assembly. No students shall stay back in classroom during assembly without prior permission of competent     authority

2. At assembly ground all students of each class shall stand in proper queue according to their heights in ascending order.

3. While moving in corridors, using staircase, students should walk in a line and keep to their left.

4. Running moving in corridors, using staircase and pushing other children during changing class rooms between periods and recess break will not be      tolerated I t should be done in silence and in an orderly manner.

General behavior

1. Students of S.P.S. must show respect to all elders and love to younger students. They should behave very friendly to each other.

2. They should stand when any visitor, teacher, principal comes to their class or talk them.

3. Coming late to the class especially after lunch break and games period is not allowed.

4. Use of abusive and filthy language in school will not be tolerated. It may lead to punitive action against the student.

5. Students should not pluck flowers and plants in the school lawns.

Regularity and punctuality

1. Irregularity, habitual late coming, unjustified absence and unruly behavior will be considered grave act of indiscipline which may lead to expulsion from the     school.

2. Students must follow the guideline of the teachers and do complete their home work & class work well in time without making any ifs and buts.

3. Students must ensure their presence in each and every unit test & terminal tests. No leave shall be granted on the day of unit test and terminal tests.

4. Students must maintain neat, clean, green and beautiful surrounding of school campus. They should not deface it with wrappers, poly packs and      wastepaper etc.

Safety and care

1. The students must learn to take care of themselves and their belongings to avoid any type of losses.

2. Students should not bring any sharp instrument like blades, knife etc. to school

3. Firing crackers, splashing colors during Diwali/ Holi in the school premises is strictly forbidden.

4. Students should not bring any other literature expect school books and library books to school.

5. Students are not allowed to bring cell phone to school.

House activities

In order to cultivate group dynamics, inter house activities and competitions will be organized during the academic session. Aim is to inculcate life skills among students beyond class rooms. Students of each class will be divided into four houses as under :

House                                       UNIFORMS                                                      INTER HOUSE ACTIVITIES/ COMPETITIONS

Ashoka                                     Red-T-Shirt white shorts                           Display Board on Themes/ Monthly

Budda                                       Yellow-T-Shirts White Shorts                    Drama/ Bi-monthly

Chanakaya                               Green-T-Shirts White Shorts                     Music/ Bi-monthly

Dronacharya                           Blue-T-Shirts White Shorts                         Dance/ Bi-monthly Debate/ Bi-monthly Sports-Annual Quiz

Parents are requested to arrange on set of respective House Uniform. Nomination of House for each student will be conveyed by respective class teachers. Students will be dressed in House Uniform every Friday wef 16 July.

Guideline to parents

Inclusion of discipline in day to day life is the most significant aspect of education and is not confined to school alone but the whole society. Parents too share a great deal of responsibility in this process.

S.P.S. expects from the parents

1. parents must read the norms and contents of the Almanac to get familiar with the school system and functioning.

2. the students profile form in the almanac must be filled in correctly, promptly and completely.

3. parents must enter their specimen signature, telephone no. and address in the form

4. Parents must ensure that the student brings the almanac to school everyday, adhere to school uniform strictly and wears identity card.

5. they should fill up the leave record page if the child does not come to school for any reason.

6. they must keep a track of performance of the child in class tests, unit tests, terminal and final exams. Unit tests and reports cards must be signed by them.

7. the parents must take interest in their child’s work and progress by attending the P.T.M. regularly. They should remain in touch with the teachers even if      there is no apparent problem.

8. all books, notebooks must be covered with transparent plastic cover only.

9. they should ensure that the student should not wear/ bring any valuables. School will not be held responsible for the loss.

10. no parent. Guardian is permitted to enter class rooms directly to meet their child or seek unscheduled meetings with teachers during school hours.

11. don’t send children to school if they are suffering from any infectious diseases like chicken pox, measules conjunctivitis etc. so as to keep care of        wellness of other students.

12. parents should see that their child carries school bag according to the time table. Also see that they wear neat and tidy school uniform.

13. if parents are asked to meet the principal for any reason, they should do so promptly to avoid the suspension of their child from attending the class.

14. parents are advised not to criticize the teachers in the presence of child because it may cause disrespect for their teacher which further lead to failure to        learn from that teacher.

15. once the child has come to school, parents are not allowed to take back their child during school hours unless there is serious/ major emergency. In such       cases, permission of the principal is mandatory.

16. Please obtain the contact telephone number of respective class teacher.

17. Important Residential Telephone Numbers are as under. (a) Principal. (b) Administrative Officer 9891918823, 9811209127, 9255272138.       

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