The school has arrangement for buses on payment for student Pvt. Transport.

  • The pick up and drop points are fixed by the school and change of route is not permitted without the approval of the administrative office.

  • In the event of breakdown of the bus of failure to ply on a specific day, parents shall make arrangement for their ward to reach the school

  • If a student shows insubordination & rowdy behavior or becomes a nulsance to the bus driver/ condition or causes annoyance and discomfort to fellow students, he/ she will not be permitted to continue using the bus.

  • In case of non payment of dues till 30th of the month. The name will be struck off from the roll and readmission fee will be charged..
For any Query/Complaint related to Saathi Transport, deal directly with 981918823, 9811209127, 9255272138.
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Saarthi Public School as the name suggests is named after the "SAARTHI" of Arjuna's chariot in the battle of Mahabharata. The charioteer was none but "LORD KRISHAN" himself
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